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Fencing & Decking

Fencing, Decking & Other Installation Services

Our experienced team at Teddy Rose Landscaping and our trusted specialist installers have carried out a vast amount of professional installations including fencing, decking and other services to happy customers in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

Installation services and benefits

As well as fencing and decking installation, we also provide other timber installation services. See below for the services we offer and the benefits they can give to you and your garden.

  • Fence Installation. Using only high quality fencing products, we offer experienced and professional installation or repairs. We specialise in the installation of timber/concrete post and panel fencing, trellis fencing and many other fence types you may require.

  • Benefits. We feel a garden fence is essential in providing security for your home and privacy for when you are enjoying your garden. A garden fence can also be a decorative addition to your garden and making sure it's secure is essential for stopping pets from venturing onto your neighbours property.

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  • Decking. Our trusted, experienced and highly skilled carpenter can be relied on to install your new decking. Whether you require timber or composite decking, with or without handrails and steps, our professional installer can custom build exactly what you require.

  • Benefits. Like a patio, decking can provide a great area to entertain or enjoy warm days outside. As well as bringing an attractive and decorative element to your garden, decking can also be cost effective compared to paving. The versatility of decking is also handy as it can be built to adapt to any area. Installation often requires less ground preparation than a new patio for example and can be a cost effective way to cover up old paving.

  • Gate Installation. You can rely on our experienced team for proffesional timber gate installation or repairs. We offer a selection of timber gates to chose from and provide all the essential fittings and fixtures.

  • Benefits. Just like a garden fence it be essential for providing security for your home and privacy for when you are enjoying your garden. A new gate can also provide a decorative entrance and exit to your garden and again like a fence, it can be essential for keeping pets secure in your garden.

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  • Sleepers. Timber sleepers can have many uses and be a great additional to your garden. They are available in a natural or brown treated colour. Timber sleepers can be used to build retaining walls, steps, create raised planting borders or even to construct a small fence.

  • Benefits. Timber sleepers can be a cost effective alternative to customers who prefer timber over brick work. They are unique and not many other types of wood can match the distinct appearance of a sleeper. Their natural and simple appearance means that they can compliment any kind of outdoor space, whether it be a traditional cottage environment or a suburban family home.

  • Pergola Installation. Only using quality timber pergola kits from our trusted supplier, we offer supply and installation of pergolas in a choice of sizes or made to measure upon request.

  • Benefits. Pergolas are a beautiful and decorative addition to any garden. They can be used to cover a seating area should you have paving or decking installed underneath and provide partial shade during those hot summer days. Pergolas are durable, low maintenance and are affordable.

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