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Garden Makeover

Garden Makeover Installation Service

A complete garden overhaul is the answer to truly making your garden your own. Boasting years of transforming and creating stunning gardens for customers across Wolverhampton and beyond, you can put your trust in our team to install your garden makeover.

Types of Garden Makeover

Creating your new garden can be an exciting process, but there are also many things to consider and choices to be made. Your garden makeover may fall into one of the options we've chosen below:

  • Classic Makeover. This garden makeover can cater for anyone and can include a new patio, raised planting borders, pathways, a new real grass lawn and maybe a new fence. With a vast range of hard landscaping materials available, you can tailor your garden makeover to suit your taste and needs. Whilst the classic makeover tends to require more maintenance than a low maintenance garden for example, it can still be made to be easily manageable. Whatever you decide to include in your garden makeover will of course depend largely on your budget, however a great transformation can be achieved regardless of what your budget is.

Artificial grass Wolverhampton
Low maintenance garden in Wolverhampton
  • Low Maintenance Makeover. A low maintenance or almost no maintenance garden makeover can appeal to customers who live busy lives and rarely get the time free to spend maintaining their garden, but wish to enjoy it during warm days when they do get free time. This type of makeover may also appeal to customers who are unable physically to maintain their garden or customers who are just not keen gardeners. Like the classic makeover, there are endless choices when it comes to the style, colours and products available for your garden. However, a low maintenance garden will usually include an artificial grass lawn rather than a real lawn and limited or no planting areas.

Benefits of a Garden Makeover

Other than the obvious benefit of being the proud owner of a beautiful new garden, below we have listed some of the other benefits you may or may not be aware of:

  • Adding value to your property. Having a garden makeover can increase the value of your home. Not only can it add value to your property, it can also make it more marketable should you ever decide to sell. It's certainly an investment worth making.

  • Less disruption. By having your whole garden transformed at one time, rather than in stages, it can minimise disruption in the long term to your schedule and your home if materials have to be brought through your property.

  • Expanding your living space. A beautiful garden is a great place to spend summer days at home. It can be a great place to dine or entertain outside.

  • Reduce your energy bill. Turn off the TV,  pull the kids away from their games consoles, leave the cooker alone and spend  some time during the warm summer days entertaining with a BBQ in your garden.

Fake grass Wolverhampton

Garden Makeover Installation

Best Landscapers in Wolverhampton

After planning, designing and deciding what materials you will require to transform your garden, the next step is hiring an experienced professional to install your garden makeover. It can be a complicated procedure and involve many, sometimes challenging aspects and require skill. It can also be a large investment, so hiring a professional is important to ensure your garden makeover looks great and functions well for many years.

Taking all this into account, it’s wise to hire one of the best landscape companies in Wolverhampton to help you install your new garden makeover. We can ensure that your finished garden will look stunning and will be installed correctly from the bottom up. When you hire Teddy Rose Landscaping to install garden makeover, we’ll take care of everything and transform your garden with the materials you've chosen.

Why Choose Teddy Rose to Install your Garden Makeover?

Teddy Rose Landscaping have installed countless garden makeovers for customers across Wolverhampton and beyond and have many years experience. From initial contact to completion, we do our utmost to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Our testimonials speak volumes and show that we will go above and beyond to make sure that you will be delighted with your new garden.

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